100mm Round M82 HE Fragmentation Projectile / M82 Practice HE Projectile

The 100 mm round with HE fragmentation projectile is a unitary round. Intended for use against manpower, field fortimcations, field engineer constructions, fire position of artillery pieces, mortars, launchers and infantry fire weapons of the enemy.


Weight, kg: round 28,9
Weight, kg: projectile 16,7
Length of round, mm 1282
Muzzle velocity, m/s 700
Maximum firing range, km 8,2
Safe operating temperature range, °C from -40 to +50

100 mm Round with M82 Practice HE Projectile

The 100 mm round with M82 HE Practice projectile is a unitary round.
It is a live round with practice warhead and is used for training of personnel and live fire against targets where it leaves traces of impact. The practice round possesses the same dimensions, weight and ballistic characteristics as a live ammunition.

The use of practice rounds preserves the practice targets at firing ranges, reduces the probability of starting a fire and increases the safety while conducting demonstrative and training firing.