60mm Commando Mortar

The 60 mm Commando mortar is an ideal weapon for the infantry platoon, special forces and close support fire power. This simple design easy to operate system can be used in all types of terrain and has special advantages in jungle warfare.

The Mortar comprises a smooth bore barrel, the breech piece (with fix pin firing), the base plate and range indicator. Charges 0, 1 and 2 are required. Charge “0” which is only the ignition cartridge for a range up to 380 m and charge 2 for maximum range 1600 m. The elevating scale has mils and meter scales, which enables to align the mortar without the need of range tables. The sight is of a bubble indicator type. Alignment is achieved using a white line painted over the barrel. Firing is achieved using drop action method on a fix firing pin.


Caliber 60 mm
Range 1600 m
Weight 8 kg
Total length 675 mm
Elevation 45 to 85 Deg
Bomb weight 1,6 kg
Charge 0,1 and 2
Rate of fire 20 R.P.M.