7.62X54mm HP 7,62 LMG (Light machine Gun)

The 7,62×54 mm HP-7,62 machine gun is a powerful weapon for use against enemy troops, firing points and light air targets.

The HP-7,62 is a lightweight advanced machine gun. The HP-7,62 is very reliable under adverse and extreme environmental conditions. The machine gun operates in automatic fire mode.

The weapon fires 7,62x54R mm cartridges. A 100 or 200 round link metal belt, held in metal box, feed cartridge in.

  • HP-7,62 can be fired from a variety of mounts, special helicopter airborne mount, vehicle or seacraft mounts
  • The HP-7,62 is equipped with picatinny rails for optical devices
  • The HP-7,62 bipod is extremely robust and durable
  • The HP-7,62 has a gas regulator for rate adjustment
  • The HP-7,62 can be quickly dismantled on the field for maintenance


Ammunition 7,62×54 mm
Operation Open bolt, gas Impact on piston head, rotating bolt
Firing mode continuous
Rate ot tire 650 rounds/min
Practical rate 250 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 820 m/s
Effective firing range 1000 m
Ammunition box capacity 100/200 rounds
Barrel length 517 mm
Overal length: Buttstock folded 980 mm
Overal length: Buttstock open 1080 mm
Weigth without ammunition box 8,2 kg
System life 25000 rounds

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