ARES DEFENCE Ltd is a private company registered in Sofia, Bulgaria, and is fully licensed by the Bulgarian authorities for import-export, transfer and brokerage deals with defense related products and dual-purpose goods.

ARES DEFENCE Ltd is a merger of a group of companies and persons with more than 20 years of experience in the field of trading with defense related products who maintains high standards of commercial and financial credibility.

ARES DEFENCE Ltd strives to be flexible and dynamic in its activities in the market, using the entire range of advanced marketing tools.

ARES DEFENCE Ltd offers high-quality aftersales services, broad upgrading opportunities, and willingness to provide any technical and legal advice on a 24/7 basis.

Moreover, ARES DEFENCE Ltd proposes and implements mutually beneficial offset programs.

With long experience in this field ARES DEFENCE Ltd selects the most important manufacturing Companies and will build a Brand Platform for a new customized Worldwide service.

Our current and future goal is to be able to supply all our clients that need a serious and trustworthy partner that will be able to supply high quality materials in the shortest time possible.