Ballistic Protections

Ballistic Helmet

Ballistic helmets are available in a range of colors and styles with NIJ Level IIIa protection, and also offer the wearer some protection against improvised weapons. Helmet feature fragmentation protection, which is designed to stop the fragments scattered by an exploded bomb. Ballistic helmets are made from an aramid base bound in thermoplastic resin, and...
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Armored Vest

The body armor vest is a personal protection wear. The set consists of: a) folding collar for the neck b) removable side safety elements


The vests are produced in 3 sizes: 50-52, 52-56, 58-60 body; 170, 188, height. Total weight of 2 armored plates, kg: 1. 10,0±0,5 2. 10,5±0,5 3. 11,0±0,5 Protection area of the armored plates, dm2: 15 Potection area of the armored vests,...
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Tactical & Assault Body Armor

Tactical & Assault Body Armor Tactical body armor is designed for maximum protection in high threat zones. This ballistic system benefits from • A large area of ballistic and fragmentation protection including shoulders, collar, and throat. • A modular loading system allowing customisation with pouches and other modular equipment. • Rifle plate pockets front and rear which can be...
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