Optical Аccessories

A100 Monocular Goggle

A100 Model Night Vision Monocular offers a high resolution image intensimed night vision in a compact, lightweight and yet rugged design. It features a single tube and single-eyepiece configuration. The new concept of a single-eye format night vision monocular is based on independent use of each eye. One eye is equipped with a night vision...
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RS-M Red-dot (reflex) Sight Mini

It ensures by 2 …3 times more fast shooting at short and average distances. It is possible to conduct shooting at night in combination with the night vision goggles of the type NV/G-14, night vision monocular of the type NV/M-19. It is free from parallax. The aluminium tight case of the closed type is filled...
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MSS-1 Mortar Standart Sight

Intended to lay the mortar for firing from indirect positions. The sight has deflection and an elevation mechanizm with coarse and fine scales. For firing in the dark, the sight reticle and laying mechanizm scales are illuminated. In the absence of natural distant aiming points, the sight can be used jointly with the K-1 gun collimator.


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Collimator Sight for Automatic Small Arms CAS-A

CAS-A is a modern, lightweight and user friendly collimator sight intended for aiming fire at targets under different illumination conditions in the daytime/twilight, at night with decamounaging signs of the target, and in complete darkness in combination with the night vision goggles. The basic benefit of the device is > 3 times decrease of the...
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Bore Sight Collimator

The collimator is designed for zeroing in the optical and optoelectronic day and night sights, being mounted on 5,45 and 7,62 cal. firearms of different modifications as well as for checking the sights after marches or prolonged storage. Use of bore sight collimators enables to save ammunition significantly. Bore sight collimator of optical sights is...
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B7x42 & 10×40 Prismatic Binoculars with Built In Compass

The binoculars are designed for spotting and surveillance of distant objects in day time, angle measurement between them and firing correction. Binoculars have separate focusing and a reticle in right eyepiece for measuring of vertical and horizontal angles and determination of distance to objects. Unique eyepiece gives a bright, high resolution image, clarity and edge-to-edge...
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Telescopic Sight For Grenade Launchers RPG-7V

The sight is intended for hand grenade launcher targeting. The reticle of the device enables to conduct measurement of a distance to the standard target, taking into account the ballistics of different ammunition, and to perform elevation/azimuth adjustment in the position of the sighting line. The reticle illumination is provided for operation under low illumination conditions. The...
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Intended for laying the gun in azimuth in the absence of natural distant aiming points and in limited visibility conditions (night, fog, fire position obscured by smoke) and can be used with mortar sight. The Collimator is provided with a level for leveling, a reticle illumination light for operation in the dark and a tripod...
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