Grenade Launchers

Automatic grenade launcher AGL-30

Automatic grenade launcher AGL-30 is an infantry weapon intended for annihilation of covered and uncovered live forces at distances up to 1700 m. Reliability of its functioning in various climates and terrains was confirmed by strict testing methods, in accordance with military standards.

Complete set

  • Automatic grenade launcher AGK-30;
  • Tripod;
  • Aiming device NSBG-1;
  • 6 ammunition belts;
  • 3...
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40x46mm Grenade Launcher LVR

The 40x46 mm Grenade Launcher is a lightweight semi-automatic, shoulder fired grenade launcher for infantry use. It fires the widely used 40 mm, low velocity family of grenades. The weapon is based on the revolver principle with a spring - driven gas operated cylinder. The 40x46 mm Grenade Launcher is fitted with an Occluded Eye Gun...
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