Long Range Rifles

7,62x51mm Sniper Rifle System NATO (.308 Win)

The weapon system is basically consisting a bolt action rifle cal. .308 Win with suppressor, a rifle scope and a user specific cartridge. The system is intended to be a soldier's primary weapon and serve him as anti-personnel rifle. The system must able to hit a head-sized target up to 400 m distance or a...
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7.62x54mm Sniper Rifle System

Intended to engage appearing, moving, camounaged and open single targets. The rifle is a gas-operated weapon. The barrel is locked by a rotating bolt. Cartridges are fed from spring-loaded box magazine. The gas regulator changes the recoil speed of the moving parts in case of their insufficient recoil thereby increasing the reliability. The rifle is fitted with a sniper...
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12,7x108mm Long Range Rifle

12.7x108 mm Long Range Rifle characteristics ensure its efficient use against:
  • thin-skinned vehicles armored carriers, infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), parked aircraft;
  • engineering ammunition (mines) from the safe distance;
  • command, control, communication & intelligence systems, gantries, space communications means, artillery and rocket systems, tank exterior equipment etc;
  • enemy manpower both exposed, disguised under thin field cover.
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14.5x114mm Long Range Rifle

14.5x114mm Long Range Rifle
  • 14,5mm calibre offers enhanced target effect against materiel targets
  • Unique recoil management system is extremely user friendly
  • Magazine-fed, semi-automatic operation, offers rapid follow-up shots with simplicity and reliability
  • Precision, man-portable, long range anti-materiel weapon
  • Provides for efficient, reliable & safe operation & servicing in the following environment:
  • Ambient temperature range, from...
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