Rocket Systems

107mm Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL)

107mm Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) is a lightweight and towed weapon system used by artillery and infantry support missions during day and night, and in all weather conditions. The system can be easily disassembled with basic hand tools and carried to mountainous regions. ...
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107mm Multiple Launch Rocket System Mobile Complex

  • Base of Ford F450 XLT model
  • Engine: 6700cm3
  • Transmission: e-speed automatic
  • Aiming speed: 6 per second
  • Minimum fire angle over cabin: 27 degrees
  • Aiming accuracy: 1,0 mil (3,6 min)
  • Optical system: 63-107HPJ
  • Navigation system, GPS, autonomous navigation system
  • System overall weight: 1300kg (loaded with 24 rockets), 870kg (Wittout any rockets)
  • Rate of fire: 2...
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