40x46mm Grenade Launcher LVR

The 40×46 mm Grenade Launcher is a lightweight semi-automatic, shoulder fired grenade launcher for infantry use. It fires the widely used 40 mm, low velocity family of grenades.

The weapon is based on the revolver principle with a spring – driven gas operated cylinder. The 40×46 mm Grenade Launcher is fitted with an Occluded Eye Gun sight, which means that the weapon is fired with both eyes open. One eye looks into the sight, and the other eye then has an unimpeded view of the target. The sight is operational in poor light conditions as long as the target can be seen. The sight is calibrated in 25 metre increments, from zero to 375 meters.

Caliber 40×46 mm
Effective range 375 m
Maximum range 400 m
Barrel length 300 mm
Chamber length 140 mm
Muzzle velocity 76 m/s
Basic weight without ammunition and sight 5.9 kg
Overall length with folded butt 725 mm
Overall length with open butt 800 mm
Operation semi-automatic, single shot

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