RS-M Red-dot (reflex) Sight Mini

It ensures by 2 …3 times more fast shooting at short and average distances. It is possible to conduct shooting at night in combination with the night vision goggles of the type NV/G-14, night vision monocular of the type NV/M-19. It is free from parallax. The aluminium tight case of the closed type is filled with nitrogen. It can be mounted on AK submachine guns of all modifications and other automatic small arms which has a guide strip of the type “Picatinny rail MIL-STD 1913” by means of a transition bracket. In view of small overall dimensions it is recommended to mount it on submachine guns of various modifications.


Visible magnification, ratio 1
Aiming mark brightness gradation number 11
Elevation/azimuth adjustment range, ang. deg., min. ±1
Power source one lithium element of the type CR2032
Rated voltage, V 3
Overall dimensions, mm 72x76x55
Weight of the Sight including the power source, g. max. 180
Operating temperature range, oC -40… + 55