7,62x51mm Sniper Rifle System NATO (.308 Win)

The weapon system is basically consisting a bolt action rifle cal. .308 Win with suppressor, a rifle scope and a user specific cartridge. The system is intended to be a soldier’s primary weapon and serve him as anti-personnel rifle. The system must able to hit a head-sized target up to 400 m distance or a torso-sized target over 800
m and more with a first round hit probability of over 99%. Although being a precision-
instrument, the system must resist the harsh military use and remain functional in
typical operational environments.


System Bolt action rifle, manually operated
Caliber .308 Win (7.62×51 NATO)
Rifling 4 grooves, right hand twist 1:11"
Barrel Length 660 mm
Effective Range 1000 m
Accuracy < 15 mm (standard deviation at 100 m) Overall Length Buttstock folded 906 mm Overall Length Buttstock open 1 139 mm (+ 75 mm buttstock extended) Width (w/o bolt) Buttstock folded 85 mm Buttstock open 48 mm Sight radius 727 mm Weight (weapon only) 7.01 kg Magazine Capacity 10 rds, detachable Target pull 1.5 kg – 2.5 kg (fully adjustable w/o disassembly) Bolt configuration 3 locking lugs, 600 opening angle Operational Condition Data Of Rifle Shock resistance 500 shocks of 15 g / 6 ms1 Vibration resistance 10 Hz to 500 Hz at 1.04 g for 2 h, at 4.8 g for 30 min Drop resistance 1.5 m without accidental discharge Operational temperature – 30°C / +65°C Storage temperature – 30°C / +65°C (and 95% rel. humidity) for 72 h Barrel lifetime > 6000 rounds
Maximum Pressure 4773 bar

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